Quando Robert Kiyosaki dizia “pay yourself first”, he meant “pay yourself with some time”. Time is the most precious thing—It’s the only currency. It’s the real deal. Most important thing of our lives.
When you save the money what do you do? Put it into a bank account? That’s the same as holding it. Keeping it. Sitting on top of it for a period of time, Sleep on it. Rest your head. Thing about it. Program yourself. Plan. Strategy.
You’ll pay yourself in time. With time. When you got money, you just got time.
You exchange time and effort for money. Use that money to buy you some time back. Use the time as you wish. Do whatever you want.
Pay yourself first it’s about much more than money. It’s about valuing yourself and always remembering that it is your life. And you should do whatever you want with it.
Use the money to buy your freedom.


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