Learn to be alone

Muitas vezes eu me sinto guilty to be alone, because I don’t want to be alone all the time, and I spend too much time alone at home.
To deliberately take a time for yourself in very health. You’ll learn to be comfortable on your own skin. To be good by yourself. To have fun with yourself.
You’re with yourself all the time. 24/7. You gotta learn to be OK with that. To be complete in your oneness.
Of course, now that I’ve spent this time with myself, I’ll be more comfortable and chill around others, def a better company. It’s a cycle. It’s all about balance.
Some time at home, some outside. Some with others, some with yourself. Some work, some trouble, some fun.
Sobriety, drugs. Reflexão, ação. Contemplação, imaginação. Movimento, pausa.
All balanced.


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