The most egalitarian system of world.
Best political system.

01. Decentralization
It’s a confederation of 26 states sharing only a constitution, a foreign policy and a currency.
Four official languages.

02. Switzerland has no president.
People vote for a federal parliament, this parliament then chooses 7 people who are going to become like ministers or secretaries.
All of them have the same amount of power.
Each year one them takes a turn becoming the internation representative.

03. Direct democracy.
Referendumuns every four months.

04. Free market.
Isolate in the mountains and has practically no farming lands.
They have to deal with pratically every other country in the world.
Commerce loving nature.

05. Swiss neutrality.
They won’t participe in any war.
Militry is super defence.
Mandatory military service from 18 to 30 one month a year, keeping a gun at home.

06. Ease of doing business.
Very low taxes.
One of the most transparent.


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